Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Breadcrumbs along the Journey

Are you a stitcher/embroiderer?  Many of the other stitchers I know fall into two main categories:  those who work on one project at a time, and those who work on several.  Those of us in the second category often accumulate a large stack of "UFOs".  That's "UnFinished Objects" in stitching jargon.

One of the shops I buy from is having a UFO challenge this year.    The details didn't come out until Saturday, Jan 1, 2011.  Completion of each UFO earns a chance at a gift certificate.  I've been thinking about it since she first mentioned it.  Wasn't sure I wanted to know just how many unfinished items I have.  More than can be done in one year, and then there are all the projects just waiting to be started.

But it would be nice to get some of those partly done projects finished.  One benefit would be to "release" the threads back to "inventory" -- so I can find them when I want them.  Another would be to be able to give the ones that were intended as gifts. 

Along the way, there may be a few that I decide I'll never finish.  And that's OK.  One way or another I'll get them off my mind.

I've thought about a stitching blog off and on.  About two years ago I started keeping a stitching journal.  Just simple -- dates and what I worked on.  It's been fun.  It's a way to measure progress, or to say "has it really been that long since I picked up that project?"

Yesterday I pulled out many of my UFOs and took pictures.  Today I created this blog.  Now how do I put photos in here?

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